She became curious of other terms that were tagged; pegging, CBT, and sissy. Her mind whirled. She felt her blood boiling as the moisture in her panties had increased. She loved researching new kinks and fetishes; they always gave her something new to think about when she would masturbate. She loved the idea of all these things being done to her. But, the new words, they weren’t for her. Why then, did she love these more? Sophi found herself wasting no time in learning all about these new play styles and how best to do them. She had already looked up rope play, along with edging and denial. Now it was time to see how these things could be used on men. Wondering how easy it would be to turn those power hungry, arrogant men into whimpering little sluts. Watching videos of women dominating men became Sophi’s favorite thing to do. The way they stole all the power from these now, helpless men. She knew she wanted to try it, she had to! She spent time collecting new instruments and supplies for her new hobby and kink. She waited for more videos from the masked man in her gardens. But months went by with no sign from him. She assumed he had gotten bored and moved on. Now that she was sure the gardens would be empty at night, she used this as an opportunity to practice her own form of rigging. Using those specially placed hooks, Sophi had learned the best ways to hold someone up in order to get the access to their bodies that she needed. Sophi was having a good time being able to walk through the garden with Kevin, but became annoyed quickly when she noticed that he was not paying attention to anything she had been saying. She smiled and grabbed his hand, pulling him to the piece she wanted to show him. She wanted to see his reaction before she told him it was hers. Kevin thought this was a joke. This piece looked like a stone version of a structure he had seen at the sex club. It had several extensions and hook carved into the beautiful stone. There were intricate detailed carvings engraved into the structure, but what caught his eye was the look she had in hers. He knew it was the perfect time to explain to her how much of a slut she didn’t know she was. She moved quickly, embracing him, kissing him deeply. Her tongue swirled around his as she pulled him as close to her as possible. All the while, pushing him back against this large sculpture. He moaned into her mouth as he returned the kiss. He enjoyed the way she was trying to show how much she needed him. Kevin knew it was going to be so easy to get her naked and bound. And this… this sculpture would be the perfect place. It was in the middle of the whole garden, surrounded by tall bushes so no one visiting the gardens would see. But he knew that his apartment had the perfect view of this setup. She reached up to his neck and grabbed his shirt. He growled in her ear as she bit his lip. Then in a matter of seconds, the collar of his shirt was hooked to the stone sculpture. Her hands busying themselves on his face, caressing his cheeks as she sucked his bottom lip between her teeth. He growled again and her hands moved, clasping her fingers with his. She ground her body against his, her breasts mashing against his chest as she led his hands over his head and secured his sleeves to more hooks in the stone. It was about this time when He went to pull away and realized he was stuck. He broke the kiss to inform her that his sleeves were caught on something, when she smiled at him and stepped away. Kevin’s heart began to race and he thought she might be trying to steal his wallet. He began to speak just as she hiked up her dress and began to pull her panties down. “What the hell are you doing?” He tried to seem light hearted, chuckling as he spoke. “My shirt is gonna get ruined. Ha ha! Are you gonna steal my wallet or…” Kevin’s words drifted off as he saw the lacy green fabric slide down her creamy thighs. She bent over and pulled them from her ankles. He frowned and opened his mouth to speak. “What kind of needy slut are… mmph!”She stuffed her panties in his mouth, so far back he actually gagged at first. Sophi looked up at him and smirked, “You won’t be needing to use your words anymore. I knew your type the minute you sent me that message. You want to use me. To see what my body can do to please YOU. You think I’m just here for your amusement. The only one here who is a slut, is you.” Kevin’s face seemed to flush several shades of red as he tried to process what was happening. All the while, Sophi worked at securing him with rope she found hidden in a box behind an old sculpture. She had also found a small array of other devices she’d learned about. His feet were struggling to push him taller, in hopes to release his shirt from the hooks. Sophi took that as a que to secure his ankles first. Moving his legs out, tying him to the extended bottom portion of the sculpture. She reached under her dress one more time, and he saw the lining of her thigh high stockings and a garter strap resting just above that. Her hand ran over the milky skin and rested on a small pouch attached to her garter. With a flick of a snap, she opened the pouch and pulled out a small butterfly knife. Kevin’s eyes grew wide as he struggled harder to get away. He tried to beg over her panties, eventually pushing them out completely as she ran her hand up his thigh. “Listen bitch, I don’t know what the fuck you’re…” He was stunned to silence as she flipped the bade open and ran it under his pant leg. The cold steel brushed against his skin as she pulled upward. His pants tore easily with the sharp blade, and she let out the most devious giggle just as he gave a pathetic whimper. “Stop talking. You’re wasting your breath. You’re going to wish you used that air to do something more useful, like worship me.” Sophi stood as she grabbed the panties and placed them back in his mouth, the stunned look never leaving his face. She kissed the green fabric that stuck out between his lips. Moaning as she ran her hand over his chest to his neck. Her slender finger wrapped around his throat and squeezed slightly. “Be a good boy and leave those in, or I’m going to have to use some force.”Her fingers squeezed tighter and he swallowed hard under her grip. She crouched back down, leaving him to pant in relief as she ran the blade over the other pant leg. Sophi pulled the blade to the waist of his pants and completed the cut, letting the slacks fall to the grass. His boxers seemed to cling to him as though he’d willed them to listen to him. She ran her hand over the gray and black flannel and smirked as his cock continued to leak onto the soft fabric. The bulge in his shorts seemed to strain, twitching occasionally when she moved her fingers away. Sophi held the blade between her teeth. The red lipstick was a sharp contrast against the shiny silver blade. One wrong move and that sharp edge could slice her tongue. But she was well acquainted with knives. Holding all kinds of tools in her mouth, was sometimes easier than setting them down. Her brow furrowed in concentration as she began to bind his wrists, elbows, and shoulders to the structure. He had been struggling as much as he could. But the damn shirt he wore, made it impossible for him to move. Why had he worn that obnoxious netted shirt over the other? This wouldn’t have been an issue had he gone with the boring polo he almost chose. Pulling the knife from her mouth, she lets the sharp blade run against her teeth. That sound always made her smile. The juicy red lips curling up as her white teeth let the blade slip away. She ran the cold blade point over his wrist. Watching as he stilled that arm, what one wrong move could do. The metal slowly tore at the threads of the netted fabric and the shirt underneath. She would press her lips to his skin as it was revealed; wrist, arm, elbow, clavicle. One arm and then the next. She was entranced, watching the fabric fall away from his body until there was nothing but shreds of material at her feet. Kevin struggled less now; but when he would realize he wasn’t fighting as much, he would resume with more eagerness to be free. Sophi smiled as she watched him feign the fight for freedom. All the while, her eyes darted around the garden and the surrounding city. Her mind working, thinking of what she wanted to do next. All the stories she had read, had begun with flogging or cropping. She loved how wet that made her to hear them whimper. After all, you have to break them before you can make them yours. Sophi retrieved a crop from the back side of the sculpture, her knife still held in her other hand. His eyes were wide with fear, knowing just how much those can hurt from unskilled hands. Even more from the most skilled hands. But his cock twitched again. He had been experiencing self-inflicted pain for so long. Wanting that sting and ache. The burn of the leather on his skin. But how he would love to have the feeling of anticipation. Not knowing when it would happen. He just could not give that feeling to himself. Here he was, stuck on this sculpture in the night. A beautiful woman standing in front of him, crop in hand. And he was terrified. Before he would think of how to prepare himself, she had flicked her wrist and sent the leather slapping against his thigh. He winced and hissed through her panties. Sophi made no facial expressions while she was in this zone. Her eyes were focused and thoughts were clear. She wanted him on the edge without even giving him pleasure, and she knew it would not take long. Kevin had not even realized he was no longer fighting his bindings. He was panting and his body was tense. His eyes were closed as his hands would tighten into fists and release again. His cock ached to be free. This was his dream come true. This woman was going to own his body and he realized that he just wanted to let this happen. A loud snapping sound could be heard through portions of the garden as the leather connected with his flesh. She took a deep breath before each of the first few hits. Her hands methodically planning out where to hit with the crop and where to tease. The leather strap would slide over his skin. Running from his ankle up to the back of his knee to his other thigh. Teasing him. Then SNAP! The crop would bite at his skin, like a rattlesnake. The cool feeling running up his leg, never sure when it will choose to bite again. He would relax, enjoying the feeling of his new Mistress and she began to learn his body. He knew he was giving in, and decided that he might be alright with that. The leather bit down once more, this time at the apex of his thigh and hip. The throb resonated into Kevin’s groin. His cock twitched. Sophi loved the feeling of this control. Knowing her hand caused this man’s torture. Her body was filling with excitement and she closed her eyes. She let herself feel everything only by the tip of the crop. Allowing herself to feel the control she had in just one hand. Her heart beat quickened and she could feel her pussy begin to throb at the idea of doing anything she wanted to him. Before she knew what had happened, she had set the knife on the pile of fallen fabric, along with the crop. Her hands had begun running up his calves to his thighs. Sophi could not begin to have imagined how good this feels. How desperate she was becoming for more power, more control. 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